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Nano Pot

Water is imperative to the human body, as it makes up 70% of the adult body mass and 80% in a baby. Thus, according to this ratio, a person should drink approximately 2.5 liters of water daily, which is then metabolized into urine and sweat. Water works through incessant circulation to maintain the functions of the human body, and each day as much as 200 liters of water are circulated through the kidneys. That is to say that water is recycled five times in the human body before it is expelled from the body. Therefore, intake of water is very important to the health.

If the oxidation potential in a body is too high, the cells attract large masses of micelle (a unit of structure built up from polymeric molecules or ions), making the pH in the body acidic and reducing the functions of active oxygen. This is one of the main causes of illnesses. Water is not just a simple mass of water molecules. Water molecules combine to form micelles of different compositions. Generally, tap water is formed in a unit of 15-18 micelles and the nano-technology water pot breaks down the water molecule cluster to 3-5 micelles in a unit. This means, the micelles in the nano water are less and the molecular masses move faster to penetrate cell tissues easier to induce more active life functions.

SMN Nano Pot is manufactured with 18-8 stainless steel processed by far infrared catalyst (light of life) of stable emissivity. The light wave energy and permeating-ability of far infrared reduces the water molecule cluster to allow fast transportation, which in effect increases blood circulation and metabolism, penetrating deep into the body cells to prevent oxidation and delay aging.

Furthermore, SMN Nano Pot also contains natural Porphyries Andesite. The funnel design in the bottle filters the water through the Porphyries Andesite, which releases minerals into the water to absorb harmful heavy metal ions i.e.: Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Cadmium (Cd), and Arsenic (As). Porphyries Andesite is a volcanic-based mineral crystallized through thousands of years. Its natural state appears in wheat color; therefore, it is also known as “wheat stones.” In Japan, it is known as the “Health Stone” and in the US it is called the “Life Stone”. In ancient Chinese palaces, Porphyries Andesite was known as the “Goat Cream White Jade”. Porphyries Andesite was recorded in ancient Chinese medical documents as a source of trace elements, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, fluorine and calcium. It is also known to have the effect of toning water to a mild alkalinity. Therefore, it is now deemed as an effective therapy for cleansing blood, strengthening liver functions, promoting metabolism, nourishing skin, and detoxifying harmful substances like nicotine, alcohol, and antibiotics.

Fast economic growth has brought abundant resources. Modern day people are now taking more nutrients than they can absorb. These excessive nutrients pile up in the body to cause acidosis. Plus, the wide application of chemicals pollutes the air and water, causing acidic agents to accumulate and subjecting humans to a pH imbalance. As the blood thickens, oxidation begins inducing free radicals of active oxygen to attack the cells. Thus, health problems set in. Especially in smokers and alcohol users, rotten food residuals pile up in the intestines, which trigger the formation of free radicals and instigate chronic diseases.

Modern day people have gradually forgotten the therapeutic effects of water. Many people have become aware of the importance of water, but most of them concentrate on the purity of water instead of what water can do for human health. Purity and health benefits are two different matters. Pure water is not necessarily healthy water. The SMN Nano Pot manufactured by SMN is a perfect combination of health benefits brought by far infrared and Porphyries Andesite. The nano-size water molecules carry the positive energy of “light of life”. It is a high-tech product, which helps to make the water to be easily absorb by our cells and provides the benefits of neutralizing acidosis and balancing the body’s PH levels. It is deemed as one of the best in quality and most convenient to use in the market today.


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